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Atcovation delivers efficiency with security. The School App supports teachers with the daily school life activities and eases their workload.

With intelligent features, simple design and latest technology stack, atcovation is the apt mobile app for schools. It allows the management, teachers, and parents to access crucial data anytime, from anywhere via secured role-based access.

Atcovation Bridges The Communication Gap

Atcovation keeps the school, teachers, and parents in the connectivity loop with in-app messenger which facilitates teacher-parent, teacher-school and parent-school chat.

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Schools can inform parents, view reports and analyze attendance trends via dashboards.


Teachers can mark attendance, generate reports, share homework and broadcast to parents.


Parents can apply for student leave, track school bus, view homework and chat with teachers and school.


Powerful Features Of School Management App

Attendance Management

Mark attendance and generate various reports.

News, Notifications & Alerts

Send notifications to parents for every key activity and occasion.

Homework & Assignments

Assign daily homework and share study resources - pictures, documents, videos.

Bus Tracking & Routes

Define bus routes and track school bus live on the app to ensure student security.

In-app messenger

The in-app messenger enables teacher-parent, teacher-school and school-parent chat.

Leave application

Parents can apply for their ward’s leave online which gets reflected in the teacher’s login.

About MasterSoft

Connecting Campuses With Technology

Atcovation is a versatile school mobile app developed by MasterSoft to simplify the daily life of educators. MasterSoft provides e-governance ERP and best-in-class mobile applications to educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities across the globe.


Years of experience


Million students and parents


Educational institutions


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Why Is Atcovation The Best School App?

Atcovation is a one-stop solution for the daily hassles of teachers, parents, students, and schools that arise due to improper communication. The school app has an inbuilt messenger and broadcasting tool while enables all the prime constituents to get in touch easily.


Highly Secured


Analytic Dashboards






Export Reports in Excel


Safety Notifications & Alerts

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Atcovation is easy to use yet provides you with unmatched benefits. Student outcomes can be largely affected when two of the most important parts of their lives - the Parents & the School come together and collaborate in an effort to ensure maximal engagement.

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