Atcovation School App Assuring Student Success

08 Jul2019

Atcovation School App Assuring Student Success

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” Li Keqiang

There was a time when children used to fight with their parents if they didn’t allow them to go out for playing. However, everything has evolved due to rapid technological advancements. In this tech-driven era where mobile phones have become a vital part of our lives, even our children spend most of their time playing games on the mobile. Nowadays, you’ll hardly find kids who prefer playing outside these days. They waste nearly 40 % of their day time playing games on mobile phones which could be otherwise harnessed to learn something new.

Does that mean the technology is a bane for children?

Absolutely NOT!

Technology can prove to be a boon for children if used wisely. Owing to the growing interest of children in mobile phones, educators can utilize them for their betterment by providing quality services that would boost their academic record.

The tedious question is - HOW?

The simple answer is - By implementing an efficient and innovative school mobile app like the Atcovation School App!

Atcovation school mobile app has multiple smart features that can increase the productivity of students, teachers, faculty, and educators in a hassle-free manner. As an educator, if you are doubtful about its utility, keep on reading this article!

Here’s how the Atcovation School App can redefine the learning culture and assure student success…

Improve Student Engagement

Students have a tendency to get bored easily. If the way of teaching is not interesting, they can literally lose interest and join the group of ‘backbenchers’ renowned for doing everything but study! We are sure no teacher would want this happening. Therefore, teachers constantly need to look out for ways that could increase the students’ engagement in their curriculum.

With Atcovation, teachers can smoothly achieve this goal by planning and designing an apt curriculum. Since it won’t consume much time to prepare a design, teachers can use the remaining time for researching more information about the topics they have to teach. Furthermore, this app also enables teachers to share homework, assignments, PDFs, study materials, and relevant videos digitally which would hardly take a few minutes. So, all-in-all, teachers can save a lot of time and use that for interacting with students, understanding their pain points, and providing them with precise solutions.

Scrutinizing Crucial Data

‘I don’t want to go to school.’

Parents shouldn’t take such statement lightly when their children act with stubbornness and urge on not going to school. Sometimes, due to classroom issues or any personal issue, students don’t attend the classes and the void creates havoc for their academic life.

No matter what the reason is, short attendance is again a major issue that the institutions have to face. With Atcovation, educators can keep track of the students’ attendance. Being embedded with effective analytics dashboard facility, this school management app helps them analyze the attendance pattern of students within no time. The school app is capable of generating reports in statistical format with high accuracy. Teachers can directly talk to parents of respective child whenever they land upon a short attendance case that requires attention. It would not only help their grades but also take care of their mental well being.

Fill in the Communication Gap between Teachers and Parents

Parents play an influential role in every child’s life. However, due to hectic lifestyle and professional commitments, parents don’t get to spend much time with their children. Saying no to the professional commitments is not a good idea because today everything including education has become costly, and earning decent money is important.

What can busy parents do when they don’t get time to look after children academics?

Well, parents can’t visit the schools physically but can visit virtually! You read that right. Atcovation has a chat messenger feature that could simplify the life of parents, teachers, as well as students. Parents who want to access the reports regarding the attendance of their children, grades, extra-curricular activities, upcoming exams, and more can easily log in the app with their personal IDs and access detailed information anytime and from any part of the world. They can ask their queries to the teachers and make plans for the betterment of their children by having a one-to-one communication.

Improved parental engagement would instill a sense of confidence and trust in their children and maximize the teacher-parent communication level.

To be honest, Atcovation is one stop solution for educational institutes and could prove to be a catalyst in escalating the growth of students. Get in touch with us to explore more about how your school can benefit from implementing Atcovation school app.