How Teachers Can Benefit By Implementing School Teacher App

27 Mar2019

How Teachers Can Benefit By Implementing School Teacher App

Smartphones have taken over the world and almost everyone has access to it. People mostly use apps on smartphones. There are apps for almost every need; shopping, entertainment, food delivery, etc.

Mobile phone apps are being used by every sector and the education sector is no different. According to the Statista portal, the educational applications are the third most widespread apps among users, with the rate at 8.5%. Apps are a great way of upgrading your school and leveraging technology to drive pupil progress.

The popularity of school apps can be credited to the fact that it offers numerous benefits not only to the school administration and students but to teachers as well.

Listed below are the ways of how a school mobile app can make teachers life simpler:

Facilitates Attendance Process

Gone are the days when teachers had to manually mark the attendance in registers. Not only was the process cumbersome for the teacher but it also consumed crucial classroom time which could be utilized to focus on the students.

With the school attendance app, teachers can mark attendance online in an instant. Every student is marked present by default, the teacher only has to mark the absent student.

Leave applications can be sent by parents directly via the app. The app then marks the students absent for the days mentioned in the application. This further saves the time taken by the attendance process.

The app generates attendance reports of each student and the collective class report. Teachers can easily find out students who miss school regularly. This was difficult when attendance was done manually.

Thus, the time saved by automating attendance can be used by the teacher to focus more on students than on completing formal duties. It also helps to decrease the manual workload on teachers.

Seamless Communication

It can be really difficult for teachers if parents do not communicate regularly with them. With busy schedules, parents find it difficult to attend parent-teacher meetings. Regular interactions make the teacher’s job easier as parents can inform teachers about the difficulties students face while studying at home.

The built-in messenger of the school teacher app helps teachers to easily connect with parents from a single platform. Teachers no longer need to search for contact details of parents when they want to get in touch with parents. They can discuss the performance and behavior of students with their parents on the go.

Communication is no longer limited to the four walls of the classroom. Parents can clear out any doubts they have directly with the teachers sitting at home.

To help students understand a concept better, relevant articles, videos, ppts, etc. can be shared by the teacher with the school app. Thus, students who are absent can also receive study materials. Daily homework is also easily sent via the app.

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Other Benefits

The school app integrated with dashboard analytics develops detailed student performance reports. The information on these reports is in the form of pie charts, graphs, and tables. When information is in graphical format, teachers can assess reports at a glance.

With student reports, teachers can analyze student performance patterns. This gives them an idea of whether their teaching methods are working or not.

The school management app has a calendar feature which is updated regularly by the teacher and displays the details regarding tests, quizzes, and other important events with dates. Additionally, this ensures that parents are informed well in advance and can be prepared.

Instead of individually messaging parents, teachers can send circulars in bulk to parents informing them of school functions and activities.

Mobile Apps for school can empower teachers to help their students perform to the best of their ability. Teachers with school apps can take more accurate decisions which wouldn’t be possible if they had to manually produce reports.

In this way, a school app helps teachers in managing the daily school and classroom life efficiently. Likewise, teachers are able to focus on teaching and improving student performance with the time saved. An app, when deployed consciously, can have a positive impact on schools and all its stakeholders.

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