Boost the school campus communication with School App

27 Jul2019

Boost the school campus communication with School App

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents”: Jane Hull

Some parents strongly believe that letting their children study in a top-most school can ensure success for them. And this is why they leave no stone unturned in finding the best school for their beloved kids. However, it has been observed that majority of the parents whose children study in reputed schools have a hard time when academic grades are concerned.

To be honest, be it a ‘regular’ school or a ‘top-notch’ school, teachers surely play a pivotal role, but students can’t excel until and unless they get support from their parents. It’s the home and the school where kids spend most of their time, right? So, parental involvement holds equal importance as a teacher’s involvement. Believe it or not, effective parental guidance can boost the confidence of the child and help him/her perform exceptionally well.

Nowadays, educators complain that parental involvement in their children's academics is less. However, that’s not the problem.

The real problem is - Poor parent-teacher communication!

Due to the hectic lifestyle and work schedule, parents hardly get time to invest in their children’s studies. No wonder why tuition classes are on a boom! However, sending your children to tuition classes is not a solution because no one can encourage children quite like their parents. On top of that, parents have to spend double fees on education and children will be burdened with so much academics! As a result, their performance may fall down further.

The best solution to overcome the problem is the introduction of a school mobile app. A school management app is a comprehensive tool specifically designed to bridge the communication gap between parents & teachers and improving students’ productivity.

It can significantly improve parental engagement by providing the following benefits:

  • School Chat MessengerChat messenger is the best feature of a school app. It allows busy parents to collaborate with teachers at any time and anywhere. Whenever teachers feel like sharing study-related information of the students, they can simply send them a message via the teacher-parent communication app. Similarly, whenever parents have any queries or need to do discussion, they can reach out to the teacher without any hassle.
  • Progress ReportsTeachers don’t need to stay dependent on the next parents-teachers meet to share the progress of students. They can generate accurate performance reports of students just by utilizing the inbuilt analytics dashboard and send it to the respective parents just by a click of a button!
  • Time-to-Time RemindersIt’s tough for the teachers to prepare and send invites to the parents separately whenever there’s an event in the school. In such instances, the mobile app for schools can prove a quick fix. Teachers can set and send reminders to everyone within a few minutes. Great, ain’t it?
  • Scholastic ActivitiesAs a parent, it really feels very special to see the children performing on the stage. However, if by any chance, parents miss out extra-curricular activities of students then, there’s no need to be upset. With a school mobile app, parents can request the school management or teachers to send them the videos and images of the event. Sometimes, such small things can make a big difference.

In a nutshell, an effective school app helps parents to stay in touch with teachers and keep a track of their children progress. Getting the support of parents would undoubtedly create a positive learning environment and motivate the kids to deliver excellent outcomes.

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