How to Enhance Teacher-parent Communication?

20 Apr2019

How to Enhance Teacher-parent Communication?

Are your student’s parents getting out of touch with their child’s education?

Is the performance of your students getting affected because of teacher-parent communication gap?

Without proper communication, a communication gap between parents and teachers is bound to arise, which may have serious repercussions on the students’ education.

Another problem parents face is the lack of a centralized messaging app. Most often it difficult to keep track of school emails, messages, notifications, which are scattered throughout different apps or devices.

To help teachers and parents maintain healthy, seamless communication, Atcovation has come up with a chat messenger, that just works like any other messaging app. So, parents get all the data such as previous chats with class teachers, subject teachers, school admins, etc. at one place.

Here are listed the various ways the messaging feature can be deployed in order to benefit all the scholastic stakeholders:

  • The messenger helps parents and teachers have a two-way conversation. They can securely discuss the student’s performance and behavior on a regular basis.

    If a student is scoring less, teachers can immediately inform parents rather than waiting for a Parent-Teacher Meeting. Parents can intervene and resolve the issues the student might be facing at the earliest.

  • Teachers can discuss ongoing classroom activities and what students learn every week. This helps parents to be in constant touch and know exactly what their child is learning.
  • Teachers can send students additional study material for eg., PPT’s, videos, articles, etc. this helps students to understand and grasp concepts better. They also have a deeper knowledge of that subject and encourages them to learn about things apart from their books.
  • Details about upcoming school events and parent-teacher meetings can be easily sent by the teachers so parents can clear their schedules in advance and not miss the event.

    Gentle reminders about the event can also be sent so parents don’t forget about the event. By attending the events parents can ensure that their child feels supported and cared for.

  • Teachers have limited classroom time and more often than not crucial class is lost completing tasks other than teaching. Assigning homework to students every day is one such task. Sometimes to avoid completing their homework students don’t inform parents of homework.

    With the Atcovation inbuilt messenger, teachers can easily resolve any issues parents might have regarding homework. This ensures that teachers and parents are on the same page. Parents can also make sure that their child is completing the assignments on time and that everything is going on smoothly at school.

    Another benefit is that teachers do not have to send homework individually to all students. Instead, they can send the homework in bulk to save time.

  • Often, parents have doubts regarding the curriculum, school events, and activities, homework, etc. it is not feasible for them to visit the school to clear them up.

    But with the messenger, they can easily contact the teacher even after school hours. Teachers can also guide parents on how to help students with their studies.

  • With increasing crimes against children, parents are getting more vigilant and want to know about their child’s whereabouts at all times.

    To help parents have an ease of mind, the Atcovation app sends a daily automated message about the attendance status of the student to the parents. Teachers do not need to manually inform parents if the student is absent.

  • Parents also have the flexibility of applying for the leave application with the messenger.
  • The Atcovation messenger is a centralized platform so parents have all the messages in one place. They do not need to check emails and messages on different platforms.

    Chats are also saved which helps eliminate mail trails.

  • Teachers can access contacts of all parents in one place so they do not have to search through their contact list to send a message. In case of emergencies, teachers can easily contact the parents.

Studies have shown that proper communication between parents and teachers help students perform better. Thus, the simple feature of the inbuilt messenger in Atcovation helps parents, teachers, and students communicate seamlessly.

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