School Mobile App - Top Five Must-Have Significant Features

10 April2018

School Mobile App - Top Five Must-Have Significant Features

The school mobile app is becoming an essential means of communication between teachers, parents, and students. According to new research, nearly 93% of the mobile app for schools is used for communication and academic purpose. Moreover, 58% of the interaction is based on the classroom discussions about courses and assignments.

The signification use of the mobile application is for updating the parents about child's performance. This proves helpful for working parents who cannot attend to their children because of the hectic schedule. Let's discuss five topmost features that a school app must possess.

  • Marking of Attendance

    With this integrated feature, the attendance of both students and staff can be marked easily. The class teacher and other subject teachers can use the student attendance app to mark attendance. The teachers can use the separate accounts on their Smartphones. Even this mobile app helps them to view the attendance of whole class or specific student for the particular month. The quick message is sent to the parents when the teacher marks their wards attendance.

  • Easy Provision of Homework

    The latest software used in homework management can seamlessly work on the user's mobile device. This makes it easier for the teachers to assign homework from anywhere at any time to students. With few clicks, the teachers can also fill up the evaluation report of students. This app helps teachers to make a "Report View" of the homework. It can then be sent to parents and students instantly.

  • Update about Latest News and Notices

    The school management app helps in notifying the parents about the latest happenings, news, updates, and notices. The parents can get an update about circular and events like Parents-Teachers Meeting. Research indicated that 28% of the student's activities were related to notifications by school authorities. Out of this, nearly 7% of the activities displayed notification related to important academic information, tests or examination notices.

  • Communication with the Parents

    The school mobile applications help in boosting the parent-teacher and student engagement. The mobile apps have become a greater utility source that provides vital information to parents immediately. They provide the latest information to parents about their child's performance in academics, extra-curricular activities, attendance of students, grade reports, and much more.

  • Quick Generation of Reports

    The school mobile app has made the report generation work easier for the teachers. They can access the academic reports by class, section, student, and consolidated reports. This will help them to communicate the students' academic report to their parents quickly. The teachers can also cite steps for overall or academic improvement of the student. This, in turn, will help the parents to concentrate more on their wards' performance.

To sum up, the serious dependency on mobile devices has given rise to the idea of using school management apps by the school authorities. This will support instant teacher and parent communication that in return can help the children of working parents to perform better overall.