How Can Schools Improve Student Outcomes With School App?

29 Jan2019

How Can Schools Improve Student Outcomes With School App

Technology has brought about massive and long-lasting changes in almost every walk of life. And the effects can be seen in the education sector as well. Technology today is not just limited to school ERP or automation of scholastic activities. Rather it has also reached parents with the help of smartphones.

School mobile app have facilitated easy communication between the school and parents. Now parents are aware of every important activity or event related to their ward. Right from the moment their child’s attendance is marked to the moment their child’s school bus arrives at the dropping point, parents know everything there is to know about their child.

Parents know who their child’s class-teacher is, which teacher teaches which subject to their child and even about the whole scholastic year’s timetable. Teacher-parent communication has become extremely easy and parents can connect with the schools or even a particular teacher on the go.

But, one of the best advantage or benefit of a school app is that it can be leveraged to boost student outcomes in ways that were not possible a decade ago. Here are the different ways a teacher or a school can leverage the school management app to improve the student outcomes.

Collaborating With, and Engaging Parents

Parents have the greatest influence on their child. Right from early childhood children tend to mimic their parents and try to follow them. Additionally, parents have the knack to deal with their child, to make the child explain things in a way most teachers can’t, as parents know and understand their child in a way no teacher can.

This bond is as important and life-altering as it is special. Teachers can leverage this parent-student bond to their advantage. But for this to happen, a parent must first know what’s happening with their child at the school.

Keeping the busy parents in the connectivity loop by simply sending a notification over the school app can work wonders. This way, the parent would be well-informed and can also be in a position to take necessary preventive or corrective measures, if need be.

Making Information Easily Accessible

The internet is filled with all kinds of study resources which may or may not be relevant. It could take a parent hours to search for the appropriate content or the right study material. A teacher can simply put an end to this in less than a minute.

School apps enable teachers to share useful study resources and materials in the form of pictures, videos, presentations, PDFs and even web links. Imagine the ease with which parents can help their child to study from the right resources.

Moreover, the notes made by teachers during class can further aid the parents in understanding the concept of the topic and in teaching the same to their child. No study resource can compare to the notes made by the teacher who taught the student because that lecture was probably the founding stone of that topic in the students' mind.

Hence, if a parent uses the teacher notes, then the concept can be made very clear to the student in less time as compared to other study resources. Why does a school mobile app play an important part here, when a teacher can simply email the notes?

The answer is confusion and hassle. It’s hard to search and keep track of all the emails teachers send to parents. And it becomes, even more, challenging a task when parents have two children or more. Accessing study notes or videos in an app is far less confusing and absolutely hassle-free!

Analyzing Crucial Data

Falling student attendance rates can tell a lot about the student. It may be related to a personal issue or a classroom issue. If it is a personal issue then the teachers can discuss it with parents personally over the app-messenger.

But if the reason behind a student’s continuous or chronic absence is other than personal then teachers or the school can discuss the same with parents to find out the underlying cause. In a nutshell, teachers can ensure that all the students are mentally, and physically healthy.

The question is - How does a teacher find out which student has the least attendance? Or which student has falling attendance rates?

The answer is a School Analytics Dashboard! Yes, a dashboard is a useful tool to find out meaningful patterns in a matter of seconds without putting any efforts. All a teacher has to do is open the app and go to the dashboards. The crucial data is available in a statistical format for quick analysis. Using this data, teachers can get insights into various aspects of the student life cycle and can take timely decisions regarding the same.

All these factors, if utilized effectively, can play a role in influencing student outcomes. It is up to the school and the teacher and how they make use of technology both inside and outside the classroom.

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