How secure is Atcovation?

12 Jun2019

How secure is Atcovation?

Schools have huge repositories of student data. But is the data stored securely? More often than not, data stored on a conventional system is extremely susceptible to data theft, hacks, and malware attacks. Misuse of private student data and data being lost due to natural phenomenons are also other major concerns.

We at Atcovation, understand the importance of data security and provide schools with the best security services.

Listed below are the various security measures that Atcovation offers:

  • Role-based access:The school mobile app has unique login codes for staff, parents and all the users. These codes are generated during registration and are based according to the role the staff play. Data is classified as per its importance and this ensures that not everyone has access to private student information.

    Student data is accessible according to the hierarchy in schools. Thus, data misuse is prevented with role-based access.

  • OTP:To make data more secure, two-step verification is deployed. While making any crucial changes or after registration, an OTP is sent.
  • Atcovation stores student and Institution data on the Cloud. Cloud services employ more elaborate security systems than the ordinary computer systems, providing your cloud-stored information an extra level of security. Cloud has multiple layers of encryption which protects data from data hacks and theft.

    Another advantage is that systems are automatically upgraded as and when the cloud partner provides the update. This ensures that systems have the latest security defenses at all times.

  • Data stored on desktops or other systems vulnerable to natural threats and is irretrievable if the hardware is destroyed. To secure data from natural calamities, the school app automatically creates multiple backups. This safeguards data from being lost completely in case of emergencies.

School management apps have become a necessity for schools. But student data security is equally important. Atcovation takes care of your student data and helps you run the school smoothly and efficiently.

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