4 Ways Technology can Improve Student Teacher Relationship

24 Jun2019

4 Ways Technology can Improve Student Teacher Relationship

‘Can technology improve the rapport between teachers and students?’

Undoubtedly, the answer is - YES!

We all know how a good teacher can impact students’ lives, and it’s no surprise why this question has become the talk of the town nowadays. Technology can definitely empower the bond between the teachers and students by rendering an effective learning experience through real-time problem-solving provisions.

Long gone are the days when learning was confined to just four walls of the classroom. With the rapid advancement of technology, it has become boundless. With such changing educational dynamics, as an educator, it’s crucial for you to utilize technology for escalating the effectiveness of the institution by creating a cohesive environment for teachers and students.

However, the real question is -

How can one harness the technology to serve the purpose?

Well, the easiest way to strengthen the relationship between teachers and students is implementing a - School Mobile App! The unparalleled functionalities of a school app can help free-up the precious time of staff which they can utilize to attend the children and solve their issues.

Here’s how a school app can help improve the student-teacher relationship.

Quick Attendance Process

Do you know, on an average a teacher spends around 40 percent of the class time for taking attendance manually? Believe it or not but marking attendance on registers literally consumes a lot of time which would otherwise the faculty can utilize for helping out students with their queries. An efficient school attendance app is an apt solution to break such a humdrum routine. It allows the teacher to mark the daily attendance within a couple of minutes, which will indirectly boost their interaction with students.

Bridges the Communication Gap

It’s not necessary that children will understand each and every concept taught by the faculty, right? Often introvert children hesitate to ask their doubts in front of other kids in the classroom. Such nature may hamper their academic performance in the long run. The simplest route to bridge such kind of communication gap is using a competent school communication app that enables students to reach out to their respective faculty and clear their whatsoever doubts freely at any time.

Dashboard Analytics for Detailed Performance Report

Analyzing the performance of students is extremely vital for a teacher. It helps them understand what problems exactly the kids are facing and whether their teaching methodology needs improvement. However, a teacher has to deal with hundreds of students every day, and obviously, it’s not possible to remember the details about each and every kid studying in the classroom. A school app embedded with dashboard analytics feature can significantly help them evaluate the performance of students via easy-to-understand graphical reports and pie charts. Accessing integral information about students merely with a click of a button can prove to be a boon for the young minds as well as the entire scholastic system.

Streamlined work process

No matter how busy a teacher is, preparing timetables, schedules, assigning homework, projects, and study material for exam preparation are some of the things they can’t ignore. One can’t even realize how much efforts it actually takes to perform these activities. The significance of a school mobile app is that teachers can comfortably execute these tasks and send notifications to students and parents at their phones from time to time. It will ease the hectic work schedule of teachers and allow them to work in a stress-free environment, which will surely bring positive outcomes by amplifying their concord with students.

To Sum Up

‘Children are like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression.’ This quote clearly depicts the importance of nurturing young minds by reinstating a constructive environment. Understanding the value of school management apps, the top educators have already introduced its concept in their institutes. You too can join the bandwagon of success and take your brand a notch higher by investing in a savvy school app.

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