Classroom Digitization helping Students to Improve Grades

07 Nov2019

Classroom Digitization helping Students to Improve Grades

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”: Margaret Mead

Children are the architects of our nation’s future, and therefore, it’s important for educators to provide valuable skills & quality education to them. Gone are the days when children used to mug up their syllabus and entitled to be the best students. In today’s fast-paced technological era, merely having bookish knowledge won’t prove to be fruitful in the long run. Teachers should focus on improving the learning skills of students by planning better teaching-learning strategies. To achieve this goal, transitioning from a traditional chalkboard classroom to a digital classroom fully equipped with edTech is crucial.

Here’s how classroom digitization can help students improve grades by developing their learning skills…

Automated Attendance for Greater Productivity

Recent research shows that teachers & faculty staff lose out two-thirds of their lecture time merely for performing other non-teaching activities such as registering attendance. For instance, if a teacher takes 20 minutes for marking attendance daily, the calculation comes out to be 10 hours per month and nearly 122 hours per year! If we calculate attendance time taken by every single teacher per lecture, then, the results would definitely be appalling! With the implementation of an efficient school mobile app with automated attendance feature, these results can be reversed and higher productivity can be achieved with ease. Teachers can finish the task of marking attendance within a few minutes and utilize the remaining time for helping out students with their academics.

Online Teaching-Learning for Better Outcomes

Education barriers such as distance, health issues, and physical disability may adversely affect the mindset of children by restricting them to learn & unleash their potential. In such cases, online teaching and learning system can prove a savior. An Education ERP System embedded with the e-learning module enables students to learn & attend teaching sessions simply by logging into their portals from anywhere and at any time! Online teaching and learning portal also allows teachers to conduct short tests and upload study materials to further help students learn better & enhance their academic outcomes.

Dashboard Management System for Analysis of Students’ Performance

A school management app integrated with the dashboard management system is everything an educator needs to analyze & monitor all the ins-and-outs of their school. Student data management system with dashboard significantly helps teachers, faculty members, and staff to evaluate the performance of students by generating highly accurate reports concerning their grades, attendance history, academic activities, and a lot more. Teachers can access these reports and figure out the shortcomings of students. Once they understand the pain points, they can proceed with planning & developing new teaching methodologies that would help students overcome their weaknesses & perform better.

To Sum Up

Technology in the classroom holds the potential of escalating students’ progress and fostering institutional growth within a short span of time. It boosts the students’ outcomes by facilitating innovative learning provisions and improves the productivity of the staff by reducing their workload. Therefore, educators facing teaching & learning challenges and low productivity must invest in a school app for teachers at the earliest.

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