Improve teacher productivity with school App

22 Jul2019

Improve teacher productivity with school App

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” Robin Sharma

Right from managing piles of paperwork, marking daily attendance, preparing assignments, mapping the performance of students, assigning homework, conducting parents-teachers meet, and maintaining exam schedules, a teacher has to take care of so many aspects in addition to teaching. Owing to such a busy schedule, even 24 hours won’t suffice to execute the tasks efficiently! The only way to overcome these obstacles is to ferret out a smart system such as a school mobile app that can minimize the manual workload of teachers, and help them manage and control the workflow.

What is a School Mobile App?

School mobile app is basically an innovative and powerful mobile-integrated tool that allows teachers to execute the regular activities speedily and provides them ample time to concentrate on students’ academics.

If you’re in a dilemma whether it would be fruitful for your institution to use a mobile app, have a look at the following advantages that you can garner by implementing it and then make the final decision.

Automated Attendance Assistance

Say goodbye to the monotonous and time-consuming manual attendance! Yes, you read that right! A school attendance app enables teachers to mark the attendance digitally that too, within a few minutes. All a teacher needs to do is to click on the names of students that are absent; remaining students would be marked present automatically without any hassle.

Real-time Performance Evaluation

A school app with inbuilt data analytics dashboard helps teachers to monitor key areas of students’ academic lifecycle such as their exam grades, the number of lectures they have attended on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, their punctuality and relative absentees. It generates reports with high accuracy and helps teachers plan and implement a powerful teaching methods accordingly.

Teachers-Parents Collaboration

It’s the responsibility of teachers to keep the students’ parents updated regarding their academic progress, right?

However, it’s an extremely hectic task than it appears to be because teachers need to sort out a vast data and then, send notices to different individuals. It would require similar efforts even if they arrange teachers-parents meet in the school. And to be honest, these days’ parents don’t have much time due to the hustle and bustle of their professional lives.

In such cases, the school communication app can prove to be a savior as it allows teachers to collaborate with them via the messenger. School app can be simply installed in their phones which they can access at any time and anywhere. Whenever the teachers feel they have something important to talk to the parents regarding their children, they can get in touch with them with ease just by a few clicks.

Proactive teachers-parents communication can not only encourage students to perform better but also boost the performance of teachers.

To Sum Up

A school management app fuels up the speed of teachers’ daily operations and improves their productivity remarkably. Being an educator, if you want to help your scholastic dreams take flight, it may be just the right time to use an efficient school mobile app!