How Atcovation Makes Online Fee Payment Easy?

08 May2019

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Are you tired of waiting in lines to make fee payments?

Are you still making cash payments when the entire world is moving towards a cashless society?

Many hassles arise when a cash payment is involved. People have to often stand in long queues. Also carrying large amounts of cash is very unsafe and inconvenient. You do not receive automatic proof of payment.

Transactional errors are also common with cash payments. By switching to online payment all these hassles can be avoided easily. Let technology do all the work for you and eliminate all sorts of human errors.

Why online payment through Atcovation?

  • Regardless of where you go, you always carry your mobile phones. Thus, with the school mobile app - Atcovation, you can easily make online payments from anywhere and at any time. This flexibility of making payments ‘on the go’ is one of the biggest advantages of making online payments through atcovation.
  • Atcovation stores student information. So information need not be entered again while fee payment. This reduces data redundancy and stress on staff to manually complete data entry.
  • Institutes can easily customize their own fee structure. They can also configure various masters like library fee or site visit fee, etc. Thus, parents know exactly what they are paying for. You can also assign fees according to class or batch.
  • With multiple payment methods as well as payment gateway options available, the user can also choose a payment /or method of their choice. This way users are not restricted to any one choice and can make the payment with whichever way they are most comfortable with.
  • The payment is directly transferred to the Institute’s bank account. So you don’t need to make several trips to the bank to deposit cash. Not to mention the manipulation and security risks involved in handling cash.
  • The school app also has a student ledger which tracks all the previous and pending payments. It contains detailed reports of when the payment was made, the mode of payment, and fines if any.
  • Atcovation auto generates invoices. This helps to remove the risk of human errors while creating invoices. With just one click, you can create invoices in bulk of the entire class or institute or of an individual student.
  • After the payment is done parents receive an instant auto payment notification. The app also updates the invoice status to paid after the transaction is complete. There is no need to verify with the bank records.
  • Institutes can send notifications to parents about payment status. They can also send a gentle reminder about fee payment with the school app’s inbuilt messenger.
  • In case of any crisis, student payment records can be retrieved easily with the help of multiple backups. This ensures that data is never lost completely.
  • The app is integrated with analytics with which various reports can be created. The reports have simple charts which you can quickly analyze to understand pending, receivable total income and other important areas.
  • Atcovation provides a very secure platform for online payment which ensures that no misuse occurs.

Atcovation covers all areas of concern associated with cash payment and provides many advantages to all the scholastic stakeholders. Choose Atcovation to stay at par with the times and to reduce unnecessary hassle.

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