Proven Methods To Improve Student Attendance & Enhance Their Performance - Part 1

20 Aug2018

Proven Methods To Improve Student Attendance & Enhance Their Performance

Is only improving student attendance enough?

What if the the student is attending the class but is not attentive?

How can you get students to pay more attention in class?

Certainly, the first step to improve student outcomes is improving their attendance. But, increased 'attention' is more important than increased attendance. Let’s have a look at the proven methods to increase student attentiveness by engaging them and which proven methods should be deployed to enhance student performance.

Schedule Systematic & Effective Timetable

Since timetable is the daily or weekly schedule for the students it must be designed in an engaging way so that it doesn't become monotonous or too repetitive for students to concentrate in the class. At Least 1 - 1.30 hours must be given to creativity such as drawing, painting, book reading in a library, computer class, etc. Also, students must be made to play outdoor games or sports and be on the playground for at least 1 - 1.30 hours daily. This will refresh their mind from all the previous studies and they will be able to focus better on the next topics. A school management software can save a lot of your staff's time & efforts by organizing a systematic timetable as per your requirement.

Increase Parental Involvement

A student is at school for a limited period of time. Whereas the rest of his time is spent at home with parents. Parents naturally have a great influence on their children, the key here is to use that influence in order to increase student outcomes. The first step is to inform parents about their child's scholastic activities such as attendance, homework, tests, quizzes, assignments, grades, etc. on a regular/daily basis. The best way to instantly inform parents and actively persuade them to get involved with their child and his studies is by using a mobile app such as atcovation.

Using a student attendance app works best because information transmission takes place in real time and is readily available along with being easily accessible. For instance, a parent can get information about his child from their office, while travelling or even when they're out of town. This will encourage them to get engaged in their child more actively which in turn will definitely inspire the child to give his best and improve his outcomes. Parental support and guidance is absolutely necessary for children and schools must leverage the same.

Track Absences In Real Time

A stitch in time saves nine! Yes that's true with attendance too. There are a number of reasons a child may not be present at school. Some of them are acceptable but some may require further actions or some enlightenment. For instance, a student absent due to some illness is completely acceptable. But a student remaining absent due to unexplained reason must be given priority and the same must be discussed with concerned authorities and his parents as well. Tracking absence in real time with a school attendance system will give you accurate and instant information about student attendance.

A simple automated notification to parents, via school attendance app, informing them about their child's absence/presence can work wonder. According to a study, students whose parents received such messages showed up at school regularly as compared to students of parents who weren't informed. This shows that parents have a very important role in improving student attendance. Moreover, it ensures student safety, which is increasingly becoming a sensitive issue.

Conduct Online Tests & Quizzes

Yes, students today belong to the digital age and require a digital connection to the world of knowledge and studies. Changing times call for changing measures and actions and digitalization is a dominant factor influencing students today. Conducting tests and/or quizzes is a great way to engage students, but when the same is done on computers or tablets, it takes the whole process to a new level. Furthermore, this makes the students more compatible with using technology which, in the present times, is very important.

Atcovation is a student attendance management system app by MasterSoft. You can send any type of notifications, automated email/SMS alerts to parents regarding attendance, assignments, events, exams, class tests, news about their child, etc. Easy to use, it doesn't require any special skills. Also, there is a facility of live bus tracking for schools & parents to enhance student security. Informative dashboards provide instant facts in an easy to understand graphical format.