How a Smooth Teacher-Parent Communication Helps in Children's Progress

27 Sep2019

How a Smooth Teacher-Parent Communication Helps in Children's Progress

No matter what school a child goes to, no matter how many facilities the educators provide to him/her, if children don’t get a positive environment at home in terms of parental involvement, nothing would work in their favor! Recent research on child development shows that subconsciously children believe their parents the most and every single action of parents, be it encouragement or scolding, it directly affects their mindset. Therefore, it’s extremely crucial for parents to pay attention to students and maintain healthy communication with them.

Is there any way that could improve parental engagement?

Yes, there is a solution and that is – School Mobile App!

Apart from benefiting teachers by simplifying their workload and helping them perform daily activities such as marking attendance, creating timetables, exam schedules, and tracking grades of students, a school app can significantly maximize the communication between parents and teachers.

The school management app allows parents and teachers to -

Discuss Children-related Concerns

One of the leading reasons that restrict parental involvement in children's academics is their professional commitments. Nowadays, both father and mother are working professionals. Owing to their hectic lifestyle and work routine, they hardly get time to interact with children as well as visit schools to understand the children’s progress. Sadly this practice may create a negative impression on the young minds, and they may feel neglected and lose their confidence. A school app with chat messenger allows them to stay in touch & share children-related concerns despite their hectic schedules.

Share Homework and Academic Report Cards Online

It’s the responsibility of every teacher to assign daily homework and create academic report cards with high precision at regular intervals. A school mobile app not just enables teachers to assign homework but also, create and share the report cards of children with their parents without any hassle. Such practice increases parental engagement and lets them monitor their children scholastic activities.

Notifications and Updates

Teachers can send notification reminders regarding any upcoming events to parents via the school management app in advance. In case, parents can’t attend the function, they can ask teachers to share videos and images of their children. It would help busy parents stay in the loop with the ongoing scholastic events.

Plan Beneficial Strategies

Sharing every significant detail about children via a mobile app allows parents as well as teachers to make smart decisions and plan strategies to help students overcome the challenges they may be facing. To be honest, such a positive attitude is the need of the hour, and every educator can achieve it merely by implementing a school app!

In a nutshell, a school mobile app is not just an effective learning platform but it’s a boon that can nurture their bond with parents! Therefore, parents must start using school management apps, and if the school, which they send their children to for studying hasn’t yet implemented a mobile app, they must request the educators to deploy it at the earliest. They must speak to the management and make them understand how it can transform the student experience and overall institutional reputation. This small step can prove to be a turning point for students, parents, teachers, as well as educators.