Top 5 things to look into while implementing school app

17 Aug2019

Top 5 things to look into while implementing school app

“Teaching is not about information. It's about having an honest intellectual relationship with your students”: Paul Lockhart

More than just helping with academics, teachers play a vital role in children lives. They are like mentors who leave a strong impression on young minds. Today, owing to the increasing workload and multiple responsibilities, teachers hardly get time to build a positive relationship with students. In such an environment, children may feel neglected which may cease their overall development.

How can teachers maintain a healthy relationship with students and help them improve?

Well, as we mentioned managing scholastic activities and consistently improving them is quite a tough task, but deploying an efficient school mobile app can significantly minimize the work complications and help teachers enhance the student’s performance as well as institutional effectiveness in the long run.

We have compiled a list of top 5 things that you must consider while investing in a school management app...

Attendance & Sharing of Homework

Marking attendance helps teachers keep a tab on the punctuality of students. Unfortunately, attendance consumes nearly two-thirds of the teacher’s time while conducting a lecture. Limited time may hamper the teaching and negatively affect the academic performance of the students. In such instances, a school app with an automated attendance system can prove to be a boon for teachers!

Automated attendance management system not only shortens the time interval but also help teachers to focus on their teaching methodology and interact with the young minds. Furthermore, the majority of the school apps also enable teachers to share homework online just with a click of a button. While choosing an app, educators must pay attention to attendance and homework feature.

Improved Parental Communication

Teachers-parents relationship is equally important as students-teachers relation. Parents, without a doubt, are role-models for their children. With the support and encouragement from parents, students can utilize their full potential and perform exceptionally well. However, these days, parents don’t get much time due to hectic work life. A school app with chat messenger feature can simplify the journey of parents by allowing them to communicate with teachers from anytime and anyplace. Parents can stay connected with teachers via chat messenger and discuss their concerns without having to visit the schools every time.

Student Data Security

Educators must always opt for a cloud-enabled school app as it helps them to monitor the ins and outs of the institution with mere clicks. However, educators must pay attention and choose the app that provides 100% student data security. Without secure transactions, any app would be useless. Therefore, educators should ask the Education ERP vendors whether the school management app facilitates security. Role-based access, encrypted data transmission, and OTP protected logins are a few parameters that would help you judge the authenticity of the app.

Students’ Personal Security via Bus Tracking

Along with student data security, it’s essential for educators to take charge of the personal security of students. To be honest, the crime rate against innocent children has increased hugely in the past decade and whether anyone admits it or not, parents live in constant fear of losing their children.

A school app with bus tracking feature can help parents breathe a sigh of relief. Choose an efficient app that tracks the bus and sends automatic updates regarding the location of the bus as well as notification in case of emergency to the parents and school management. It can save children from falling prey to unfortunate incidents.

Online Fee Payment

Last but not least, online fee payment is one of the most pivotal features that one should seek in a school mobile app. A mobile app with secure payment gateway can be extremely helpful for busy parents who have to take out time from their schedule and stand in long queues for paying fees. In addition to this, online fee payment will also simplify the task of collecting fees for the school staff and make the workflow quick, safe, and smooth.

Key Takeaways

‘The play store is flooded with free school apps. Why should I implement a paid app?’

As an educator, you want to implement a school app still you’re not sure of buying an app, then you’re mistaken. Free school apps don’t provide such features and have no credibility. They can get collapsed at any time and you may lose sensitive institutional data by using the free version of school apps.

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