Keep everyone in the communication loop with the all-in-one School App

Managing a school involves a lot of tasks which require extra time and efforts from both the school management and the faculty. Atcovation, a school mobile app aims at easing the workload of school administrator by bringing all the prime stakeholders - the school, the teachers and the parents on a single platform.

Atcovation enables faster, easier and smoother communication between school and parents which results in an increased parental engagement which in turn contributes toward student success. It is the new era school management app which helps the School manage many activities from anywhere, anytime.

Using atcovation, the schools can save a lot of time, expenses and efforts by sending important notices, via the app itself, such as -

  • School Notices
  • School Circulars
  • Information regarding student activities
  • Upcoming events
  • Examination Notices, etc.
  • Notification for Parent-Teacher meet

Key Features Of School Communication App

1In-App Messenger

Communicate with any teacher, any parent on the go with the in-app messenger. Use it to resolve any queries or clear any doubts of teachers or parents. This feature also serves as a great tool to boost student engagement by increasing parental involvement with live chat.

2Monitor Attendance

The school administrator can view a variety of student attendance reports such as class-wise attendance, day-wise attendance, monthly attendance, student-wise attendance, and monthly attendance register. These reports help in monitoring student attendance in several ways.

3Send Out Notices, Circulars

Inform the teachers and/or parents about upcoming events, examination schedules, or send out notices, circulars, newsletters in merely a few clicks with the atcovation web portal which allows schools to send notifications in bulk.

4Analytic Dashboards

Get actionable real-time insights into student attendance. The dashboard provides a statistical view of the student attendance data which gets reflected in real-time. Various filters help in sorting out the data as per requirement, giving a comprehensive view.

5Live Bus Tracking

Define bus routes and track the school buses in real-time via the app. Parents can track their ward’s bus live, which ensures student safety, as the student’s whereabouts can be known at any point in time, and helps the schools fulfill their responsibility towards parents.

6Ease of Access

The School Administrator can view, manage and access key information related to student attendance, homework details, assignment details, past records of attendance, etc. anytime, from anywhere across the globe with the school mobile app.

7Auto-Triggered Notifications

Send out auto-triggered notifications to parents regarding the arrival time of the bus for pick-up and drop-down and about the attendance of their ward. Notifications can also be sent to teachers to remind them to take attendance.